Lesson Fees

and Payment Methods

Lesson Fees

Beginners typically start with a 30 minute lesson slot at the same time each week while more advanced students have longer lesson times.

A non-refundable $35 Family Administrative Fee is due once a lesson time or program has been confirmed. This is charged in addition to tuition and is paid only once annually by each family.

The table below shows MONTHLY equalized fees from September-June. This means fees are based on the number of lessons offered for your lesson day, averaged throughout the entire school year (10 months from September-June).

If your lesson is: 30 min 45 min 60 min MYC Group
(60 min)
Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday $117/month $175.50/month $234/month N/A
Monday or Saturday $105/month $157.50/month $210/month $70/month + materials fee
(35 sessions Sep-Jun 11th)
Friday $114/month $171/month $228/month N/A

(If you are only taking 1 or 2 lessons then you are billed on a per lesson basis)

Payment Methods

In order to pay for your lessons, you must have first registered as a student and received a confirmed lesson slot (duration and day of the week). In order to hold a spot before arranging for full payment, please pay the Family Administrative Fee once your lesson time is confirmed. Otherwise please add the Administrative Fee to your first payment. You may pay using:

1. Credit Card/Online Payment

You may enjoy the convenience of paying by credit card if you choose to pay 1 full annual payment or set up smaller recurring payments (by term or by month). Registered students can log in to this website to make a secure online payment.

  • Manotick School of Music reserves the right to automatically debit outstanding accounts their full amount if and when they are one month past due. You will be notified once via email of your past-due balance.
  • Should your credit card expire or change during the school year, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with the office to update your new information.
  • There is a $20 fee for credit cards that have been declined.

2. Post-Dated Cheques

At your first lesson, post-dated cheques will be required for each month of the school year. All cheques are to be dated for the 1st of the month and made payable to Manotick School of Music. See the Payment Schedule below to choose the post-dated schedule that works best for you.


Monthly 10 payments for the first of each month (September until June)
Every Term (5 Months) 2 payments dated September 1 and February 1 Multiply your monthly fee by 5 to get the amount for each payment
School Year 1 payment dated September 1 Multiply your monthly fee by 10 to get this amount
  • There is a $20 fee for all NSF cheques.
These are lesson fees only.  Additional costs are required for lesson books, extra lessons, exams, festivals, some recitals, and classes in the Musical Thought Musicianship Programs (MTMP).


Want to Make A Payment?

Registered students can log in and make payments online.
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