Musical Thought

Musicianship Programs

Musical Thought Musicianship Programs (MTMP) are unique to the Manotick School of Music. Housed under this umbrella program are a series of workshops and classes designed to enrich and expand our students’ knowledge of music and the arts. Qualified students are invited to supplement their regular lessons with Musical Thought Musicianship Programs.

Participants will take part in sets of classes that include creative and/or technical components that contribute to a broader musical education. The programs offered under MTMP expand and change over time and students may choose to combine different programs to suit their interests. Those who complete these programs will be presented with “The Well-Rounded Musician” certificate at the end of the school year. They may also have more performance opportunities throughout the year.

You can read about these individual workshops and classes on this website as they are implemented (see links below).

Creative Workshop

Open Studio Class

Piano Masterclass

Music Part-T

Piano ‘Song’ Workshop


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