Creative Workshop

Creative Workshop

The goal of Creative Workshop is to create a substantial piece of work to present after the last class. Performances vary and may be on a stage, outside, or even take place as a guided tour through our school. The “what” and the “where” depends on what the group creates!

Music students who are not shy to work in a group setting and have a love of music are ideal candidates for this program. Students must have one year of musical study under their belt and have a good command of their instrument. Workshops are not necessarily done at your instrument and might include objects such as bowls, sticks, balls and other “found objects”. The best part about these workshops is that there is no actual homework! Students are often just asked to “think about stuff” between classes.

Typically there are 6 openings for a six week block of classes and students create their final work as a team so attendance is important. Classes are 90 minute sessions usually on a Sunday afternoon. Please contact the School for more detailed information!

We are pleased to offer this workshop in collaboration with composer

Robert Rosen


Robert, composer and educator, has been in the Canadian contemporary music scene for over thirty years. His concert works, trans-disciplinary works and scores for film have been performed and broadcast in fifteen countries around the world ranging from Canada to Sweden to Uruguay and to India, amongst others. He worked for The Banff Centre for fifteen years ending his tenure as the Associate Director of Music. He was then on faculty at Mount Royal College in Calgary teaching in the Diploma and Conservatory Academy programs. There he taught Composition, Theory, Piano, and Keyboard harmony. Recently he was on faculty at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton teaching Tonal harmony, Instrumentation, composition, and piano. Recordings of his music can be found on six different CD company labels. His musical style is diverse and challenging. It has an integrity that grows from his vast experiences. He has worked with such composers as John Cage, Morton Feldman, Witold Lutoslawski, Bruce Mather and R. Murray Schafer. His works have been performed by such musicians as Robert Aitken, Jean-Pierre Drouet, Mather-Lepage Duo, Barbara Pritchard, Parmela Attariwala, Trio Phoenix amongst others. Violet Archer, one of Canada’s most respected composers once told him “to always share the knowledge of music and creativity.”

“Creative in approach,” “broad in depth of knowledge,” “organized,” “diplomatic,” “intuitive thinker and teacher” are some of the phrases that colleagues and past students have used to describe him. His piano instruction ranges from beginner through preparation for RCM or Canada Conservatory examinations, to life-long learning for adults. His Creative Music instruction covers all styles and all ages. Piano is his main instrument, but because of his vast knowledge of orchestration he can work with any instrumentalist.


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