Adult Students


If you are an adult who is thinking about returning to music lessons or if you are thinking about taking up a musical instrument for the first time, we have a large number of adult students learning to play piano, guitar and other instruments. Even in retirement we never lose the capacity to learn and grow!

Many of our adult students come to us as complete beginners never having taken music lessons. Adult beginners have heard so much music in their lives, and often advance quickly because they have clearer goals and know what it takes to achieve them. Adults returning to music often find that much of what they learned as children comes back to them quickly…it’s just like riding a bike!

Our approach to teaching adults differs from children in a number of ways. Adults may work through different lesson books and play a larger role in choice of repertoire or specific areas of study. Because all our adult lessons are one-on-one, lessons are tailored to each student.

Interested in taking lessons?

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