Practicing Tips

Learning music is like learning a language. Lessons are important but consistent practice seals the deal for making progress (i.e. learning the language of music). The primary role of the teacher is to guide the student in what to practice and how to practice efficiently and effectively. Parents can be a big help with the practice routine. Some guidelines to consider:

  • Read your assignment book EVERY TIME you practice so that you know what you are supposed to do! Parents should read assignments out loud daily to children who can’t read.
  • Guitar, string, woodwind & brass parents of students under 7 years old must practice with their kids.
  • Practice at least 5 times a week. The most effective way to achieve this habit is to incorporate practice time into your daily routine. TIP: Stickers and charts are often helpful in motivating children.

Parents can play an important role in a student’s progress. It is very helpful for parents to supervise practice, particularly in the early stages. Parents can help students to develop good practice habits, set and maintain practice schedules and ensure regular attendance at lessons. Learning to play a musical instrument is challenging and a parent’s encouragement, interest and involvement can help to keep a student’s eye on the long term goal.

Practice every day

Get in a routine

Set goals for each session


Repeat with pupose

Play for family & friends

Practice slowly

Be Patient

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