Lesson Swaps

If you can't make a lesson

Lesson Swaps are when students switch lesson times with each other, by contacting the school to arrange. Lesson Swaps can be done using the online form on this page.

  • Lesson Swap requests will not be accepted with less than 24 hours notice.
  • All Lesson Swaps must be completed within each term. When a term is complete, any un-swapped lessons are forfeited.
Anyone! Within your teacher’s studio, with someone from another teacher’s studio and even with someone who plays a different instrument than you (that’s why we keep a spare guitar around)! Having the odd lesson with a different instructor and/or different instrument complements your musical education by broadening your musicianship. Know anyone else who wants to try a lesson? You can even swap a friend or family member into your place.
1. Give A Lesson
Use the entry form below to tell the school what lesson(s) you know you will miss.
2. Take A Lesson.
Lessons entered on the Available Lessons Calendar (in coloured blocks) are available to claim. Each block shows the date and timing of another student’s missed lesson.  If there is more than one date in a block, you can claim just one of the dates.
If you know BOTH the dates of lessons you will miss AND available lessons you can take instead, fill BOTH those dates in on the form. Else just notify us of only the lesson you will miss. We need to know that as soon as possible.
  • Think ahead! If you are going on holidays later in the term, request a Lesson Swap well before you leave.
  • Check the Available Lesson Calendar before filling out the Swap Request Form. If you see something you like, you can let us know at the same time you tell us about your missed lesson.
  • There are always people looking for lesson swaps, so if you don’t see anything that fits, keep checking back. It only takes a minute.

1. Give A Lesson Slot

If you know about a lesson you will miss, tell the office right away by filling out the form below – even if there isn’t another date you can swap into yet. We will update the Available Lessons Calendar.

2. Take A Lesson Slot

Look at the Available Lessons Calendar by clicking the button below. If you see a lesson to replace yours, fill out that part of the form too.

3. Request Lesson Swap


All Swaps Must Be Within The Term

or else the missed lesson is forfeited.


Tell Us About A Missed Lesson

even if you don’t see a lesson to replace it with yet.


Keep Checking Back

for new lessons on the calendar that work for you. Resubmit the form when you find one.

If You Have Questions

you can write them in one of the fields on the form or call the school at (613) 692-2824.

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