If you registered with MSM previously


If you have been a recent student enrolled in music lessons here, you do NOT have to re-register. Now you may re-enroll in lessons for a subsequent school year by following just 2 easy steps!

STEP 1 – Confirm Your Information

Log in to our registration system and update any changes to your personal information. You have an account and you will be sent your login credentials when registration for the new school year opens. Remember your email and password as you may log in to review your account at any time. If you ever forget your password there is a link to re-set it. You may log in to our system here on the right.

NEW FOR 2019-20

The school’s payment software has changed and now requires credit card information on file for registrations. If you registered with us last year you will be required to add credit card details to this NEW system in order to enable monthly lesson payments.  All previous credit card data supplied to the school will be deleted at the end of June 2019.

STEP 2 – Confirm Your Lesson Times

Please fill in this brief form to request a lesson time for the instrument(s) you will be playing this year. We will confirm your lesson time upon completion of this step. Your school administration fee will be due upon lesson confirmation (one fee per family, not student).

If you are re-enrolling more than one student, you will be required to complete 1 form for each student.

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