School Policies

and Information

Missed Lesson Time

  • You can send a family member or friend in your place if you have to miss a lesson, up to twice in the school year.
  • All missed or cancelled lessons by the instructor will either be replaced with a suitable substitute teacher or will be rescheduled.
  • No extra time is given to students who are late.
  • If you are only scheduled for 1 or 2 lessons, you are responsible for the full lesson fees, even if you miss a lesson.
  • Lessons continue as usual even during inclement weather, but it is ultimately your choice to come on such days.
For Piano, Voice, Guitar Students
  • Lessons cancelled for any reason at any time are forfeited.
  • To change a lesson, it is up to you to arrange a Lesson Swap through the office. All Lesson Swaps must be completed within a school term or they are forfeited.
For Violin, Drum, Woodwinds, Brass & Theory Students
  • We offer up to 3 makeup lessons per school year for these instruments only, with absences communicated to our office with 24 hours notice.
  • Two options during the school year will be provided to make up a missed lesson after which the lesson will be forfeited.
  • Lessons (including makeups) cancelled for any reason with less than 24 hours notice are forfeited. Since the number of students for these instruments tends to be smaller than for other instruments, Lesson Swaps are not offered…unless you’ve used all your makeups or prefer a lesson swap in another instrument!

Lesson Swaps

Lesson Swaps allow students to switch lesson times with each other, though the ability to arrange a successful swap is not guaranteed. In order to arrange a Lesson Swap, you must be a registered student and use the Lesson Swap page of the website to make your request.


Flex Lessons for Long Weekends

For Monday, Friday, Saturday Students:
  • Two weeks notice is needed to schedule in Flex Lessons.
  • Flex Lessons can be used with your teacher or with any other teacher/instrument you want to try (schedules permitting).
  • Unused Flex Lessons are forfeited at the end of the school year.
    (See Tuition Fees Page for more information)

Discontinuing Lessons

One-month’s notice or a one-month cancellation fee applies to any student wishing to discontinue lessons. Notice must be emailed directly to office (not through your teacher).
If you decide you need to change your lesson time and it cannot be accommodated, you are still responsible for this fee.

New students are bound to this agreement after their second lesson.


Lesson Materials

Please bring all materials to every lesson. This includes a notebook, completed theory assignments, sight reading and music books. A binder for non-piano students is also helpful. Please ensure you have these materials within your first month of lessons.

Lesson Timing

Lessons are scheduled back to back. This is common practice among music teachers. This means that a 30 minute lesson may not all be at the instrument as it includes set up, pack up, as well as any discussion between teacher and parents (i.e. assignments, questions).

Parental attendance is optional. Parents of children 3-8 years old are encouraged to enter the lesson room for the last 3 minutes to find out the details of your child’s weekly assignment.

Payment Issues

(See Lesson Fees for general payment information.)

Manotick School of Music will notify you if a credit card payment has not been successfully processed.
• Should your credit card expire or change during the school year, it is your responsibility to update your payment information via your online student account.
• A late fee of 4% is automatically charged every month a payment is late.
• Credit cards that have been declined more than once are subject to a $20 fee.



Student privacy is a high priority for the Manotick School of Music. We protect our students’ privacy in all our business operations.

MSM has the responsibility to protect the confidentiality of any information about our students and to safeguard the use of information students may reasonably expect us to keep private.

We will maintain the confidentiality of personal information you provide to the Manotick School of Music and use it only to support your relationship with us.

In protecting your privacy rights, our school:

  • Safeguards students’ information from unauthorized access;
  • Honours students’ requests to remove their names from our telephone, e-mail, or mail contact lists;
  • Strives to keep student records current and accurate;
  • Collects, maintains and uses student information that is necessary to provide the most helpful and personalized services to meet students’ needs;
  • Maintains the confidentiality of student information when undertaking projects with third parties;
  • Honours requests from students for account information the school has about them.


Manotick School of Music assumes no liability for damage to your instrument or vehicle and/or injury to your person or to anyone accompanying you while on the premises.

School Announcements

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