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Instruction in the drums starts with the basics. In the early stages students learn how to hold a pair of drumsticks, how to play drum rolls and basic drum rudiments (rhythm exercises for coordinating the two hands playing together). Students gain experience playing on a drumset where all four limbs have to work together.

The basics of reading rhythm are introduced through handouts specifically geared to the student’s knowledge and experience. As students progress they work on more complex rhythmic patterns and undertake a more thorough study of drum rudiments in order to develop greater independence of two hands and two feet. In the early stages of drum instruction it is not necessary to have a drumset for practicing. A practice pad is sufficient. This is a small and inexpensive pad that can sit on a table top, designed to have a similar bounce and feel to a real drum head when it is struck. A practice pad and a pair of drumsticks is all you need to get started with drum lessons.

As students progress a basic drumset will become necessary. This consists of a snare drum, a bass drum and a hi-hat. When the time comes, your teacher will help you decide whether you want to go the acoustic route or the electric drumset route. Both have their advantages.

Our Teachers

Nathanael Livingstone

Nathanael Livingstone

Nate is an active member of the Ottawa music scene with over a decade of experience in numerous drumming styles and genres such as Pop, Rock, Progressive Rock/Metal, Blues, Latin, Jazz, and Fusion. He plays regularly with multiple musical groups and has been teaching since 2016.

When teaching, Nate strives to instill in his student the same passion he has for playing, with personalized lessons, practical advice, and dedicated instruction.

Andrew Plant

Andrew Plant

Andrew has been an active drummer around Ottawa since the late 80s. He has been the drummer for Sir Paul the McCartney Tribute and the children’s band, Monkey Rock. Andrew has also played with and fills in for Big Band Ottawa (Swing) and Machine Messiah (Heavy Metal), and plenty in between.

Lessons focus on fundamentals which are then applied to music. If the student has favourite songs we learn them!

Jennie Seaborn

Jennie Seaborn

Online Only

Jennie graduated with a BMus [2021] from Carleton University where she earned a University Medal in Music as well as the Vera Klein Scholarship in Music and the Carleton’s Music Award. She has over a decade of experience drumming, including five years as a drumming instructor. In addition to styles such as rock, pop, jazz, hip hop and Latin, Jennie has had the opportunity to study and perform West African and Korean drumming. In recent years, she has been the drummer for Carleton University’s Jazz and Fusion Ensembles, as well as the Capital Youth Jazz Orchestra. Jennie is active in Ottawa’s jazz scene and has performed at various venues, most notably the Ottawa Jazz Festival, Parliament Hill, and GigSpace. In 2015, she earned top 20 finalist ranking in the international drumming competition “Hit Like A Girl.”

As a teacher, Jennie is very passionate about cultivating her students’ love for music and enjoys sharing the musical knowledge that she has gained through learning from master percussionists including Dr. Jesse Stewart, Terry Clarke, and Dong-Won Kim. She develops lesson plans for individual students to suit their skill level, musical interests, and goals.

Recently, Jennie has been endorsed as an Istanbul Mehmet artist.  Stay tuned!


Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson

Mark completed the Performance program at Humber College, has toured across Canada and in Europe, has recorded drums on many albums for a variety of artists, and performs regularly with Ottawa’s Junkyard Symphony.

Mark has been teaching for years and is comfortable with all styles, all levels and ages.  He can also teach piano up until early RCM levels.  Young or old, it’s never too late to learn piano or drums!

Many of our teachers excel in more than one instrument!

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