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Musicianship Programs

Musical Thought Musicianship Programs (MTMP) are unique to the Manotick School of Music. Housed under this umbrella program are a series of workshops and classes designed to enrich and expand our students’ knowledge of music and the arts. Qualified students are invited to supplement their regular lessons with Musical Thought Musicianship Programs.

Participants will take part in sets of classes that include creative and/or technical components that contribute to a broader musical education. The programs offered under MTMP expand and change over time and students may choose to combine different programs to suit their interests. Those who complete these programs will be presented with “The Well-Rounded Musician” certificate at the end of the school year. They may also have more performance opportunities throughout the year.

You can read about these individual workshops and classes on this website as they are implemented. (Click to expand)

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Creative Workshop

The goal of Creative Workshop is to create a substantial piece of work to present after the last class. Performances vary and may be on a stage, outside, or even take place as a guided tour through our school. The “what” and the “where” depends on what the group creates!

Music students who are not shy to work in a group setting and have a love of music are ideal candidates for this program. Students must have one year of musical study under their belt and have a good command of their instrument. Workshops are not necessarily done at your instrument and might include objects such as bowls, sticks, balls and other “found objects”. The best part about these workshops is that there is no actual homework! Students are often just asked to “think about stuff” between classes.

Typically there are 6 openings for a six week block of classes and students create their final work as a team so attendance is important. Classes are 90 minute sessions usually on a Sunday afternoon. Please contact the School for more detailed information!

Open Studio

There can be a social side to learning music! Come to any teacher’s Open Studio class for a fun afternoon of learning with other students. You can attend as a participant or simply as an observer. Watch here for upcoming dates and locations.


Perform your best and get some pointers in a warm atmosphere with your peers. Attend as a participant or sit back and learn from watching other students play. Either way you are sure to come out inspired! Watch here for upcoming dates and locations.

Music Par-T

Music Part-T allows younger students to build confidence and get to know other students in the school through fun musical activities. Activities are tailored to the individual needs of the group in question and often include theoretical aspects of music. No parents allowed!

Song Workshop

Learn to play relaxing piano songs in 1.5 hour group workshops! Play some favorites like Für Elise by Beethoven or Canon in D. Song workshops are recommended for anyone interested in increasing their repertoire or just wanting to pick up the bare bones of a favorite ‘song’ without taking four or five lessons to learn it. Basic music knowledge is recommended. Watch here for upcoming dates.

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